27 de fevereiro de 2011

' The four of us.

I had a really nice extended weekend, starting on Thursday.

A friend of Alex, Jan - who I just absolutely loved - was here in Portugal. We went out a lot, had quite a good time, lots of fun, lots of weed, lots of drinking. Today I feel great, after all friendship is everything when you're down, and now I'm actually remembering, I was pretty sad and down on Thursday, just had a really bad day.

Jan is a really great person, I actually already miss him (he left this morning), because it's really rare nowadays to meet such a nice person. In just 3/4 days I bounded with him in such a way I don't usually do (usually, I get some time to bound with someone like really closely), had a really great time, but most of all, learn a lot from him. The best of him is that I felt likeI could be just like myself, and he wouldn't judge me, like most of people do (yes, I get to be judged quite a lot). He is a true gentleman, a tolerant person, so sweet that me and Vera just felt like hugging him all the time (and we did!). Can't forget how a considerate person he was, how we always listened to you without interrupting (I hate when people don't know how to listen to other people, Jan was the opposite of that), how he took care of me when we got home totally drunk and I was totally in some other world, and he made me toasts with butter and a limonade, and stayed up with me until I was abe to go to sleep. I never forget, no matter how drunk I am, the good stuff people do for me.

When he left, 6 am this morning, me and Vera almost cried. I hate farewells and this one was really difficult, because I was liking him so much. He left, with Alex that took him to the airport, and me and Vera just sat down on the couch, feeling like "saudade" - a word we taugh to Jan that only exists in Portuguese and that, I believe, has more intensity to it than just an "I miss you" - talking about how we both got along so well with him, and how it is possible that there exists such a good person in the planet, and even trying to find some bad thing about him... we couldn't, we could only find good stuff (maybe we needed a little more time with him to find the bad stuff everyone has). - but why are we always, always, trying to find bad stuff about people? isn't the good enough? maybe it was better this way, I'll remember him only for the best things he had. I love, and prefer a million times, to see the good stuff about people instead of just the bad.

Well, what more can I say? I could go on and on, tell what we did - besides fun fun fun - tell how my english is close to perfect now (my accent in english was really bad, but once Jan is german, that was the only language we could comunicate, so I'm literally talking and thinking in english for 4 days now, it is actually hard now to make a switch from english to portuguese everytime I want to talk back in portuguese), how we talked about so many things, how we laughed and laughed and laughed...

...but that wouldn't be worth it.

All I can say is this was one of the best extended weekends I've ever had, I needed to relax and go out and forget about stupid things and stupid people that really bothers me in the everyday-life, and I sure got it. (tomorrow it's the same, when I have these kind of days-far-away-from-everything-and-from-routine is horrible, HORRIBLE! to get back and meet again, one more time, the same people, have the same conversations, at the same places, doing the same stuff).

Today? I'm hangover, I'm tired, I'm sick, my stomach is sick, everything about my body is sick, I've been sleeping all day and still I could sleep for like 12 more hours, I wasn't even able to get out of Vera's house yet, guess this is the way of my body telling me "Please, stop!!", but it was so worth it.

Thank you Jan, Vera and Alex.

Can't stop thinking how it would be just great to live with these three, we just get along so perfectly.

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Anónimo disse...

Então veres-me no meio da rotina horária do ISCTE é horrível ..

=' (

' Claudjinha disse...

Anónimo - não de ti em particular, mas sim da rotina. se fores quem eu penso, até já nem te vejo há algum tempo.

Botas disse...

è sempre bom sair da rotina.=)